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Join us on this Bible-based British Museum tour, fun for the whole family! We have designed this tour specifically for children aged 7 - 12, although all young ones are welcome.

Please note all times are quoted in UK time.

Please book for the number of connections.

Groups of 15 connections and more can place a request here.

Bring your children on a Bible Tour of the British Museum just for them!  The tour is approximately 45 minutes and will be interactive in small groups via Zoom.  The guide will be live from their home but we will "show you around" in the same way as normal using videos and pictures.

We have designed this tour specifically for children aged 7 - 12, although all young ones are welcome!

More tours and themes available soon!

The British Museum - Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, UK

This is a 45 minute interactive virtual tour, and will be presented in small groups via Zoom.

  • We will discover many different ancient lands
  • Strengthen our faith to serve Jehovah
  • See examples of artefacts proving the Bible is correct
  • Discuss well known Bible stories
  • Learn from history and see what we can apply today
  • Spend time with young ones from around the world (virtually)

This tour features many famous artefacts that children will be able to relate to Bible stories. We will look at many fun facts and see what we can learn from history. We will also see the close link with the Bible by reading scriptures to bring Bible stories to life.

We use new and original content, 3D images, maps, artists' impressions, and a unique walk-through view of the British Museum, this feels like you are actually visiting in person with one of our experienced guides. We also maintain small group sizes so you can interact as we discover the fascinating links to the Bible.

London's most experienced Bible Tours team is very happy to offer tours with the smallest essential booking fee possible. We were given specific permission to offer virtual tours in this way by the British Museum back in April 2020.

Please use our easy online booking system in advance. If the slots are full, we will be working hard to release more tour dates and times, we don't want anyone to miss out.

Please note our tours are not designed to replace any aspect of regular worship or spiritual instruction. We do not use any images or copyright material found in the publications or on for obvious reasons. We conduct these tours in the same way that we did when we were offering in-person tours in the British Museum, alongside other commercial tour groups.

  • Parent/Guardian: The tour is designed for children but a parent or responsible adult must be with the children at all times.
  • Preparation: There are many activities that we encourage the children to do in preparation for the tour, but it is not required. See this link.
  • Worksheet: We provide a worksheet that the kids can use during the tour (digitally or physically). See this link.
  • No Camera: Please note that no video or audio recordings are allowed.  Tour material must not be published online or shared in any other format.
  • Smart attire: Please dress as smart as you reasonably can, but we do not have a strict dress code.

Please join the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin.  You will receive more details by email, no later than 24 hours before your tour is scheduled to begin. Please check your junk and spam mail.

We have to charge a small £3 booking fee per connection.  This is only to help cover essential costs such as the website, legal taxes, booking system, Zoom, British Museum support, and many other necessary requirements.

None of the guiding team are paid, which is why we are able to essentially offer free tours, and it is our pleasure to do so.  If you wish to give a voluntary tip to your guide, you will receive a link to do so along with your Zoom details.

Unlike other groups that have hundreds of connections and charge much more, quality is our priority, so that our small groups of approximately 25 connections can interact with the friends from all over the world.  Since we started virtual tours back in April 2020, we have managed to make our prices even lower.  If you would like more details about why we charge, and to see a breakdown of the costs, please click here.

All of our JW guides are thoroughly trained and regularly present our well known Bible Tours.  Our main priority is to show as many people as possible the incredible artefacts and Bible history that is in the British Museum, so please tell your friends and family.

Officially the booking fee is non-refundable. However, if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible and we can easily reschedule or refund in many cases.

This tour is currently available in over 10 languages.  To see a list of all languages we offer, please click here.

We are very sorry if you can't book right now, please be patient, we are constantly releasing more places.  

To place a request for a large English group, please visit this webpage.

We are making arrangements to offer more tour themes, languages and availability as soon as possible.  Please keep checking our Instagram @bibletours and website for regular updates. You can also sign up to our newsletter.


The British Museum
Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, UK